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Veronica Achieng Okello, PhD

Department of Physical Sciences

Machakos, University (MksU)

P.O Box 136-90100, Machakos Kenya

Lecturer (Analytical, Environmental and Inorganic Chemistry)

P.O Box 59613-900200, Nairobi Kenya

+254 719 373483  


English, Swahili and Luo

25th JULY 1977

RESEARCH INTERESTS My research interests are on the development of nanoscale and nano-enabled materials that offer new possibilities for the development of novel remediation and environmental sensing/monitoring technologies for water, soil and air. The ideal sustainable material must be able to coordinate different functionalities and exhibit the potential for reusability. In the recent past, I have been drawn into looking at the use of safe extraction procedures of flavonoids, nanotechnologies for stabilization of these extracts and application/modification of phase-inverted nanomebranes. In addition to the general application of Green Chemistry in solving day-to-day environmental problems.

Feb 2017 – To date

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Feb 2015 – 2016

Sept 2014 – Feb 2015



Aug 2014 – Feb 2015


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Aug 2008 – Aug 2013


2009 – 2013 (Summer)



Jan 2007 – Aug 2014


Director, Directorate of Quality Assurance, MksU

Lecturer Department of Physical Sciences, MksU

Coordinator, Academic Quality Assurance, MksU

Chairperson, Greening Initiative at Masinde Muliro University of Science &

Technology (MMUST).


Lecturer Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, MMUST.


Curriculum Development/Review Team Leader: Analytical Chemistry



Proposal Reviewer at the National Commission of Science And Technology

and Innovation (NACOSTI).


Teaching Assistant: SUNY Binghamton, Department of Chemistry.


Research Assistant: SUNY Binghamton, Department of Chemistry. Prof.

Sadik’s Research Group.


Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physical Sciences, MMUST


16th Aug 2013



25th July 2006

October 2000



PhD in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry), State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton, USA

Dissertation title: Naturally derived flavonoids and nanomembranes for environmental remediation and sensing


MSc in Chemistry, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

Thesis title: Spectroscopic study of textile dyes and their biodegradation using soil microorganisms

Bed Science, (Chemistry and Geography), Kenyatta University, Kenya


K’Owino I. O.; Okello V. A.; Masika K., Kinetics of Degradation of Metribuzin in aqueous solution using Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles Journal of Al-Nahrain University Science (JNUS), 2018; Vol 21, Issue 2, Pg 1-9.

Kimosop S.J.; Okello V. A.; Getenga Z. M.; Orata F.  and Shikuku V. O., Green Remediation of Carbamazepine from Water Using Novel Magnetic Iron Modified Carbonized Baggasse: Kinetics, Equilibrium and Mechanistic Studies Chemical Science International Journal, 2017, Vol 8, Issue 3.

Okello V. A.; Environmental Detoxification Using Polyamic Acid Powder and Nanomembranes, 2017. Manuscript Proceedings of the Exceed Swindon Expert Workshop “Sustainable Use of Water Resources” in Kisumu, Kenya, July 3-8, 2016. Pg 61-68.

Kimosop S.A.; Getenga Z.; Orata F. and Okello V.A., Quantification of selected antibiotics and their discharge loads in wastewater treatment plants and lagoons within lake Victoria basin, Kenya, 2017. Manuscript Proceedings of the Exceed Swindon Expert Workshop “Sustainable Use of Water Resources” in Kisumu, Kenya, July 3-8, 2016. Pg 23-32.

Kimosop S.A.; Getenga Z.; Orata F. and Okello V.A., Residue Levels and Discharge Loads of Antibiotics in Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs), Hospital Lagoons and Rivers within Lake Victoria Basin, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2016;188(9):532. doi: 10.1007/s10661-016-5534-6.

Sifuna F.; Okello V. and Orata F., Comparative studies in electrochemical degradation of sulfamethoxazole and diclofenac in water using various electrodes, Journal of Environmental and Health, Part A, 2016, 51, 11, 954 – 961.

Okello V.A.; Knipfing M. T.; Bushlyar V. and Sadik O. A., Reactivity, characterization of reaction products and immobilization of lead in water and sediments using quercetin pentaphosphate, Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2016, 18, 306.

Okello V. A.; Gass S.; Pyrgiotakis G.; Du N.; Murdaugh K.; Deng B.; Demokritou P. and Sadik O. A., Capture, Isolation and Electrochemical Detection of Industrially-relevant aerosol Nanoparticles using Poly(amic) acid, Phase inverted , Nanomembranes, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2014, 279, 365-374.

Noah M. N.; Okello V.; Sun Z.; and Sadik O.A., An Instrumental Method Analysis Laboratory Experiment, Journal of Chemical Education, 2014, 91, (2), 269-273.

Mwilu S. K.; Okello V. A.; Miller S. and Sadik O., A Universal Substrate for Alkaline Phosphatase Based on Fluorescence, Absorbance and Electrochemical Techniques, Analyst, 2014, 139, 5472-5481.

Yazgan I.; Du N.; Congdon R.; Okello V. A. and Sadik O.A., Biofunctionalized Poly (amic) Acid Membranes for Disinfection of Drinking Water, Journal of Membrane Science,  2014, 472:261-271

Sadik O.A.; Du N.; Kariuki V.; Okello V and Bushlyar V., Current and Emerging Technologies for the Characterization of Nanomaterials, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 2014, 2 (7), pp 1707–1716

Okello, V. A.; Chong, J.; Zhou, A.; Doetschman, D. and Sadik, O. A.;, Removal using Quercetin and Other Naturally-occurring Flavonoids, Environmental Science and Technology, 2012, 46, 10743−10751

Okello, V. A.; Du, N.; Deng, B. and Sadik, O. A., Environmental Applications of Poly(amic)- based Nanomaterials, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2011, 13, 1236 – 1245.

Kikandi, S. N.; Okello, V. A.; Wang, Q. and Sadik, O. A., Size- Exclusive Nanosensor for Quantitative Analysis of Fullerene C60, Environmental Science and Technology, 2011, 45, 5294 – 5294.

Omole, M. A.; Okello, V. A.; Lee, V.; Zhou, L. and Sadik, O. A., Catalytic Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium using Flexible Nanostructured Poly(amic) Acid, ACS Catalysis, 2011, 1, 139 – 146.


ISBN: 978-1-4557-3116-9,

Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water: Solutions for Improving Water Quality, 2nd Edition 2014. Edited by Anita Street, Richard Sustich, Jeremiah Duncan, Nora Savage:

Chapter 6: Nanostructured Membranes for Water Purification, Pg. 95-108.

Chapter 29: Green Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium Using Naturally Derived Flavonoids and Engineered Nanoparticles, Pg. 457-470.



Guest Speaker, Toulouse, France. Young African Scientists in Europe (YASE) conference 6th July and EuroScience Open Forum 9th-14th July 2018.

·  Lead trainer, Chemical Security Best Practices for Unregulated Kariobangi Light Industries, Nairobi, Kenya 16th and 18th Dec. 2017

·  Policy on Diplomacy for Scientists Workshop, 12th – 15th Sept 2017, Trieste, Italy.

·  Lead trainer, Chemical Security training for University and  College Staff within Machakos County, MksU Hotel, Koma Hall, 18th-20th July 2017.

· Train the trainer Workshop for the Unregulated Chemical Markets and Kariobangi Light Industries, Naivasha, Kenya 20th -22nd June 2017

· Seminar on ‘the Chemical Weapons Convention and Chemical Safety and Security Management for African Member States of the OPCW’ Kampala, Uganda 27th_29th March 2017.

·  Chemical Safety and Security Management for African Member State Conference, Nairobi, Kenya 5th -7th September 2016.

·  Experts Workshop on Sustainable Use of Water Resources, EXCEED 4th – 7th  July, 2016; Kisumu-Kenya.

· Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Regional Meeting on Education and Outreach 13th – 14th June 2016, Johannesburg South Africa.

·  Kenya Chemical Society (KCS) 8th International Conference, Nairobi University, Chiromo Campus. May 5th  – 8th, 2015.

· Pittcon Conferences: Philadelphia, PA. March 17th  – 21st, 2013; Orlando, Florida. March 11th  –15th, 2012; Atlanta, Georgia. March 13 – 18, 2011 and Orlando, Florida. February 28th  – March 5th, 2011.

·  Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Green Chemistry, Barga, Lucca, Italy. July 21st  – July 27th, 2012, Waterville New Hampshire, May 29th  – June 3rd, 2011.

·  Science to Technology Conference, SUNY Binghamton. March 11th  – 15th, 2012.

·  Campus Wide Special Seminar, Binghamton University. October 1st, 2010.

·  Chemical Security Program Workshops: March 21st -24th, 2016, Mombasa and June 21st -23rd, 2016 Nairobi, Kenya

·   Global Chemists Code of Ethics Science & Technology Leadership Workshop: 15th -19th May 2017, Nairobi, Kenya

·  GCMS workshop: August 23-28, 2015. Nairobi, Kenya

·  Commission for University Education Workshop on Data Collection: 7th-8th October 2015 & 2nd-4th December 2015, Nakuru, Kenya

  • Electrochemical degradation of Selected Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Treatment Plants within Lake Victoria Region, Kenya.
  • Degradation of Organophosphate Paraoxon using Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles in Tropical Soils within Nzoia Drainage Basin, Kenya 
    (Both projects were funded by NACOSTI)



2018:              Green Laboratory Waste Management System KSH. 65000

2017:              Chemical Security Program (CSP), Micro grants for training     

                       and Outreach activities, USD 8390

2017:              Chemical Security and Training Grant, USD 19,984

2017:              Chemical Security Improvement Grant, USD 14,687.34

2016:              Seeding Labs Equipment Access 2016 Grant USD 170.690.28

2013:               Young Chemists Recognition at PITTCON Conference & Exposition held in Philadelphia, PA, March 17-22, 2013, Metrohm USA, Inc. Job offer at the City of Houston’s Public Works & Engineering, Wastewater Operations in Texas.

2013:               Best poster presentation award; Center for Advanced Sensors and Environmental Systems, 2nd Annual Workshop on Environmental Nanotechnology.

2012:               Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) Student


2012:               Discussion leader at one of the prestigious Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) sessions on Green Chemistry.

Travel grant to attend the Prestigious Gordon Research Conference and Seminar on Green Chemistry held in Renaissance Tuscany II Ciocco Resort, Lucca (Barga), Italy.

2012:               Graduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry awarded by Division of Environmental Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.

2011:               Travel grant to attend the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Nanotechnology held in Waterville Valley Resort.

2010-2012:      Summer Appointment awarded by the Research Foundation of        

                        New York.

2009:               Summer Teaching Fellowship, Chemistry Department, SUNY Binghamton.

2008-2013:      Research Assistant/Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant   

                        (GA/TA) Fellowship, SUNY Binghamton


Kevin Wekesa, (MSc MMUST; 2018), Fred Sifuna (MSc MMUST; 2017) Michael, T Knipfing Fall 2009-2013 (Honors student), Jessica Adolarrato Fall 2012-Spring 2013, Victor Bushlyar, Fall 2012-Spring 2013, Abdoulaziz Toure, Mc Nair Scholar Program student, summer 2012, Orlando R. Villanueva, NIH BRIDGES to the Baccalaureate student, summer 2012, Danielle Schayek (BS Chemistry), Jane Chong (BS Chemistry), Kavita Sign (BS Chemistry)

N/B on going supervision; 1 MSc student: Nono Nelly Akoth, KU, 1 BEd Science student: Fanuel Otieno Ooko, Innovation Project: Green Laboratory Waste Management System

  • Coordinator Go Green MkSU Club, March 2015 – To date
  • Volunteered in Material Science Nano Day 2013, Oakdale Mall, Binghamton, NY and Science Olympiad 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, SUNY Binghamton and Broome County Community College, NY
  • Treasurer Graduate African Student Organization (GASO), SUNY Binghamton, 2009-2010
  • Secretary- Graduate Chemistry Club (GCC), SUNY Binghamton, 2009
  • Kenya Chemical Society (KCS)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Environmental Chemistry
  • Royal Society of Chemists
GRADUATE RESEARCH My PhD research was in Environmental Nanoremediation Chemistry, which focused on environmental detoxification and development of sensors. We developed a sensor for the detection of fullerenes and engineered aerosols in the environment and reported the first evidence of the removal of Cr(VI) from environmental samples using a new water-soluble derivative of quercetin called quercetin pentaphosphate (QPP) and flexible poly(amic) acid (PAA). Quercetin was selected because it is naturally occurring and has excellent metal chelating properties. Whereas, PAA is a conducting electroactive polymer, and its properties can be tuned by manipulating the delocalized π electron system for chemical and electrocatalytic applications. In addition, I collaborated with Harvard School of Public Health on a project on capture and electrochemical detection of industrially relevant aerosols and microbes using phase-inverted PAA membrane.









1. Prof. Omowunmi A Sadik                                2. Prof Zachary Getenga

    PhD Research Advisor                                         Directorate of Research

    SUNY, Binghamton                                             Chuka University

    P.O Box 6000                                                       P.O Box 109-60400

    Binghamton, NY 13902.                                      Chuka, Kenya

    Phone: +1 607-777-4132                                     +254 729-171505



3. Dr. Austin Aluoch

    The Technical University of Kenya

    P.O Box 52428-00200

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone : +254 735-262907

    Email :